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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Shower in God's Mercy

Quote from Saint Faustina's Diary:
"Today the Lord said to me, Daughter, when you go to confession, to this fountain of My mercy, the Blood and Water which came forth from My Heart always flows down upon your soul and ennobles it. Every time you go to confession, immerse yourself in My mercy, with great trust, so that I may pour the bounty of My grace upon your soul. When you approach the confessional, know this, that I Myself am waiting there for you. I am only hidden by the priest, but I myself act in your soul. Here the misery of the soul meets the God of mercy. Tell souls that from this fount of mercy souls draw graces solely with the vessel of trust. If their trust is great, there is no limit to My generosity. The torrents of grace inundate humble souls. The proud remain always in poverty and misery, because My grace turns away from them to humble souls." (1602)


I am strong, I will not break There may be a hurricane, on the surface, a tornado, an earthquake, but in my soul there is peace. In my soul there is joy. I will not break. I am strong. For I am only being refined by fire. But I will not quit. I am strong. Because my strength comes from God! Who is stronger than all! I am no longer running on adrenaline.. but God's Grace!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Empty... yet.. full

Journal Entry 9/19/2010- Adoration
To be present here with you is something that many in this world may not understand and because of that not believe. But yet at times I take it for granted ,and don't see you present. Lord help me to grow in faith that I may not see with my eyes but be blessed to see you with my soul. Let my soul not be blinded. I know that you have good reason for everything and I am in your sweet embrace. Sweet Jesus, I feel empty... When I know I am full with you. If it is your will let it be done. If it is not your will and it be done because I haven't been faithful to you in any way, please send your spirit to me so I know what is causing this emptiness. Is this what you wish Lord? Than I accept. I love you, you know I love you. Perfect my love for you whether it be through the fire of suffering, or by your sweet embrace, but if it is to be by suffering, be close to me Lord. I do not wish to lose you ever. To say " I love you" doesn't seem enough.